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How to Play Craps Online – Game Essentials

Craps is a popular classic casino game which is now available at online casinos as well as in the form of mobile apps for portable devices. When playing Caps, you will bet on dice rolls playing against the casino or other players. Apparently, this game has English or French roots and developed over many centuries before getting its modern face. Along with slot machines, online craps is one of the simplest games at casino websites. Having studied the rules and the betting system, you can bet for real money and make good profits.

How to Play Online Craps Games

Although craps includes over 40 different types of bets, it will be enough to learn a few simple types of bets to start the game. In fact, you will most often deal with the following bet – “passline” and “not passline” – it depends on how do you play craps. In general, players are advised to avoid complicated bets at the craps online virtual table because they have rather low winning odds. So, besides the ones listed above, you will come across the following bets – position, field, 8 and 6 big bets, hardways and many others.

”Passline” Bet

This is even-money bet in craps online that can be won if the rolled dice show the number 7 or 11. Bets on the ‘passline’ are lost if the numbers 2, 3 or 12 are dropped. If all the other numbers that were not listed above are dropped, the dice rolls again. Bets on ‘passline’ lose if the rolled dice show 7. For example, come out roll shows 2 and 6, which in total gives 8. If the shooter rolls 8 again before 7 or 11 falls, the bet will be won.

You can train your game skills using the craps practice table like free blackjack practice gaming options and other free casino games. Playing craps or online blackjack for fun, you can learn the rules of these games offering exciting gameplay and good winning odds.

”Don’t Passline” Bet

This bet is reverse to the ‘passline’ bet. By making this bet, you expect 2, 3 or 12 to fall out. If another number other than 7 or 11 is dropped, it is considered a point. However, to win, you will expect 7 will be rolled out.

Best Casino Websites to Play Craps Online

Here are a few gambling websites that deserve your attention:

  • Betway, with its good collection of games including craps online and fast payouts, could be your best bet. Betway Casino is powered by Microgaming, which is its highlight.
  • 888 Casino with its rich experience in the field of gambling and secure financial transactions is one of the best places to play many casino games including online craps simulator.
  • Cafe Casino is one of the best gambling sites hosting US players. A wide selection of payment instruments including Bitcoin, good bonus offers and a large collection of games are the main features of this casino. Cafe Casino offers several versions of craps with good winning odds.

Create your own checklist of characteristics you will insist on having to choose a reliable online casino for playing craps online that meets all your expectations.

Description of one Craps hand

If the rules of Craps have become clear, it’s worth trying at least one game. In this game it looks like the following:

  • The user makes a bet. It is worth noting that there is no bet in the usual sense of the word. The player bets solely on the victory or defeat, depending on this receives money or not;
  • First Roll or Come Out Roll. At this stage, the user rolls the dice and receives a specific number of points;
  • Second roll or Point Roll. The second phase will last as long as the player wants, because it includes all subsequent rolls after the first one. The user’s task is to roll the number 7, or the number of points he got after the first roll. In this case, in the second stage, the bets are paid differently than at the beginning of the game.

Speaking of bets, it is worth noting that all their features are described in the rules. Only after the casino customer to familiarize with them can play for money. Otherwise, the player simply will not understand why he loses. A casino benefit in Craps is large enough, so if you play without knowing the rules, you can lose your bankroll in a few minutes.

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