Play craps online: types and best slot examples

Play craps online successfully: take a closer look at this game!

The twentieth century has made craps, as well as free blackjack games for fun, notably popular among users all over the world. Users prefer to play craps online as they can double their chances of success. At the same time, it requires strict logical thinking and proper attention because the bets are high. Having decided to try their luck, participants can visit any online casino. Earlier, two types of craps were distinguished: craps with a bank and an open one. John Wynn invented the rules for these two types of craps in 1907. Although today it is already known not two, but four options to play online craps, many casinos offer to play only by the rules of Wynn.

Play Craps Online: General Information and Types

The number of participants that can enjoy craps play online is unlimited. When playing craps, it all starts with choosing a banquet that rolls dice. The numerical combination that fell after his move is called crepe. In the event of the occurrence of numbers 7 or 11, the player immediately counts the win. This situation is called a pass. In the event of a loss of 2, 3, or 12, the participant is considered a loser. This situation is called a miss-out. All other numerical combinations forming the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 are called “points” or points of a banquet. Types of craps:

  • private type of game;
  • dice with a bank;
  • New York Craps;
  • open craps.

The rules of the game of dice are quite simple, but players can bet on victory or defeat only. If they lose, they can win back, which is possible for almost every player. That is why the craps gambling is considered understandable and with high chances of victory. Participants make bets on distinct tables located at both ends of the table. They can make several bets in one move. There are many types of bets and game strategies (probability of dice). A decisive role in each bet is played by a certain amount of the drawn numbers. So, the loss of the sum of numbers 2,3,7,11 and 12 is of particular importance. For example, if players made a Pass Line bet, then, according to the rules of the game of craps, a loss of 7 or 11 will be winning for them, but if 2,3 or 12 drops out at this bet, it means that they lost.

Craps Slots: Top-3

Among the best craps casino slots are the following:

  • Craps by Betsoft is an online version of the classic dice game. The playing field of the table includes all the main bets, as well as the Hardways and One roll bets field. The entire gameplay to play craps online has two stages. Depending on the current stage, the ability to place bets on some fields is determined;
  • Sharp Shooter by 1 x 2 Gaming is a board dice game played in three standard dice. The player opposes the dealer. The goal is for three attempts to defeat the enemy. During the rolls, a timer with a countdown of up to five appears next to the Roll button. Users can click on the button to roll the dice;
  • Craps by Flash Games is a very unusual game in which participants fight with a computer in the craps, but according to the rules of poker. At the beginning of the game, they make a roll of 5 dice, after which, as in poker, they can hold several of them, and throw the others again, trying to get the maximum combination.

If newcomers to online casinos want to play a game that does not require learning a strategy, they should play craps online. Basic bets are all they need to know (in addition to winning odds) in order to play dice.

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